Empowering communities through competition

We're building tools that leverage the reach and influence of gamers and gaming culture. We're doing this because we believe gaming can be a force for good, and we're bringing people together in new, positive ways through our products.

Our mission is to provide the environment that cultivates healthy social dynamics and brings like-minded people together.

Made for Leagues

Easily run your own league on our proven set of tooling.

Made for Schools

Gather your students and compete against local or national opponents.

Made for Streamers

Face off with viewers or host your own fundraiser.

Easy tournament & league management

Competitive gameplay is centered around community and tournaments. We're developing a platform that puts the easy of managing the different aspects of a tournament in the hands of tournament facilitators.

Brackets is a customizable platform that allows tournament creators to easily create and run tournaments for teams or solo players for fun or cash prizes.